Intercom System NYC

Linkage Fire and Security offers Intercom System NYC  to their clients. Intercom systems are a great way to stay connected with your family and visitors. Our NYC intercom system allows you to see who’s at the front door remotely on a monitor, as well as communicate with them through a speaker system or a microphone.

Our mission is to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our intercom system service. And we are constantly working to improve our intercom system installation by spending quality time with customers and clients, to provide them with the most effective intercom technologies.

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Linkage Fire and Security offers different kinds of intercom systems in New York like voice-only intercom systems, intercom systems for office, hotel intercom, basic intercom systems, etc.

 Our intercom design systems are devised depending on the requirement of the client. We also take care of our maintenance work very well.

An intercom alarm system can be connected directly to smartphones and home computers so that you can stay in touch with your family members from anywhere in the world.

Our telephone intercom systems for business and residential buildings are encrypted and digital in nature.


We are good at what we do, so you can always trust us to find the most effective service for your needs.

Fire Alarm System

Our Fire Alarm Systems keep you safe at all times. Our expert technicians will be happy to help you choose the right fire alarm for your needs and installation is a cinch. You can always trust Linkage Fire and Security for excellent service every time.

Access Control System

Our Access Control Systems are compatible with both stand-alone and networked security systems. We will provide you with the best access control system to ensure that your building is safe at all times. Moreover, we only provide the latest and most cutting-edge technology, so you can expect to always stay on top of things.

Intercom System

Our apartment intercoms are easy to install and highly effective. They allow you to see who’s ringing the doorbell from a remote location, as well as communicate with them through a speaker system or a microphone. Our intercom for hotel rooms   are good at what they do so you can always trust us to find the most effective service for your needs.


  • Expertise: A professional service with an expert team of professionals is the best choice for you and your home. We specialize in intercom system repair and upgrades and also provide new installations.
  • Committed: We want to ensure your happiness with our intercom telephone service and we will work hard to keep you satisfied.
  • Dedicated We know that apartment intercom system installation is a big investment for you, so we will do all we can to ensure your satisfaction with our services and the final product!

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Intercom System NYC


Frequently Asked Questions

A two-way intercom is a form of audio communication which allows the transmitting and receiving parties to speak with each other. This can be achieved in multiple ways, such as through the use of telephone, computer networks (such as Skype), walkie-talkies, or simply connected by wires (though this kind is becoming more obsolete).

When you need to make an intercom call, pick up the receiver and press the “talk” button. This initiates a two-way communication between the unit located near your door or gate, whether it’s at your front porch or out in the yard.

An intercom system is a voice communication device in a building that allows the users positioned in various points of a building to communicate with another without any outside help. It enables a user at one location to talk with another user at a different location.

Intercom wiring is the system of cables that connects all the intercom units located throughout a building. The wiring also includes all the devices used for communication, such as speakers and microphones.

Security intercom is a kind of intercom system which is mainly used for security purposes. It can be used to signal the presence of an intruder, such as by sounding an alarm or flashing lights. It can also be used for communication between personnel and building residents, such as by enabling them to speak with each other through the use of a speaker system.

At linkage Fire and Security, we have the best team in the business. You can be sure that if you choose us, you will always get a job well done because your satisfaction is our priority. We provide all kinds of intercom repair for residential and commercial use with cutting-edge technology to ensure your safety no matter what. Interoffice intercom is our specialty. So no more delay! Call us today.

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