Linkage Commercial Fire Alarm System Installation New York

About Linkage Fire and Security

Linkage Fire and Security Corp is the new generation of building integration company. As a new generation of talented professionals, we must encourage our clients to also make a difference for the safety of any building occupants by actively providing free guidance and consulting about the entire process of determining the right system for their occupancy, the best code-compliant design, the most effective commercial fire alarm system installation method and actively maintain a reliable fire alarm monitoring, ARCS or any security system.


Kidde Engineered Systems are a world leader in the
fire and life safety industry because we understand that
there’s more to safety than equipment and technology.
We take the time to collaborate with builders, owners,
architects and designers, cultivating partnerships with
community initiatives and non-profits, and educating
professionals and customers alike in fire safety.

Fire Alarm Installation


The Foundation and one of the most important features of the modern Fire Alarm Systems is to report all events to a supervised station. We will provide nothing more but top of the line FDNY UL approved monitoring station.

Video Surveillance


Businesses in every industry around the world are benefiting from the use of HD video surveillance systems; how can your business harness these same benefits? Please contact us for a full survey of your premises and we will provide the best solution to your needs. All our IP Cameras can be Challenge to Meet Requirements.

Fire Alarm Design and Engineering


We provide Consulting Engineering for any type of Fire Alarm Projects. We are confident to say we are experts on New York State Building Code, NYC Building Code and all Long Island Local Ordinance based on what AHJ's Enforce their areas in the fire protection industry.


Projects completed







Here is How we Link to your Building: Experience and Honesty

Linkage fire is committed to completing realistic deadlines, We target the same goal which is to help obtain that Final Certificate of occupancy in order to our clients start their business operations. Other times we are there to defend and cure those tough Violations Orders.

Fire Alarm Design

Depending on the project and system type our regular estimated time to obtain a set of approved drawings by AHJ is very minimum compare to others. We constantly follow up with authorities and provide feedback to our clients.

Fire Alarm installation

High-Rise buildings or small educational spaces we can get any installation done. Our Installers and supervisors are fully trained in NFPA 72 standard for Fire Alarm Systems along with Nicet certifications on all levels.

Fire Alarm installation

Nowadays copper lines are no longer a reliable path of communication and we are strong believers in digital communications that’s why we provide at a lower cost UL-listed Radio Communicators along that we are affiliated with one of the best monitoring central station in New York.

ARCS System

In NYC most New Building construction over 75 ft High shall be provided with Auxiliary Radio Communication System and at Linkage Fire, we are authorized by the FCC and FDNY to operate emergency frequencies and to calibrate and maintain any ARCS.

Linkage Commercial Fire Alarm System Installation

We Are Fire Alarm Systems Experts

Here are some of the Fire Alarm Systems that we usually service.
Please contact us if your system is not listed below.

Fire Alarm EquipmentInstallServiceProgramMonitor
Fire Lite
Edwards Est Series
Edwards IOS Series
Acme Systems

Linkage Fire and Security

Security Services

Linkage Fire and Security

How are we Different from Others

Why linkage Fire & Security ?

Building Integrations is our passion, so we will always have the responsibility of stand firm next to any costumer since day one in order to have them feel how secure and reliable is any system we may Design, Install and Maintain. Behind scenes we put tremendous efforts when time comes to push a

Fire Alarm Design As Built Projects75%
Monitoring and Inspections78%
Video Surveilance80%
Access control and Intrusion70%