Fire Alarm Design and Engineering

International Building and NFPA Codes and all Authorities Having Jurisdiction enforces all building occupancy groups to have a safer environment in terms of detection and proper response of any emergency. Linkage Fire constantly works with professional engineers, filling representatives along with Department of Buildings, FDNY and/or with respective County’s Fire Marshalls to comply with the latest code regulations that will maintain the latest life safety building integrations like Fire Alarm Systems and Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems (ARCS).

Prior to start any project we prepare the fire alarm design in CAD along with the building architectural layout so if any customer comes to Linkage Fire without CAD it not an issue we will be glad to provide a design from scratch.

At the time of preparing an application to present to any city agency specially new york city “FDNY” Linkage Fire visualize fire systems based on the occupancy group and if the building is new or existing.

Existing Building Fire Alarm Systems

As time pass Building Code and NFPA 72 standards for fire alarm system design continue constantly rises its minimum requirements for each occupancy type leaving existing Buildings grandfather in however if your existing building already have a fire system in place at Linkage Fire we may be able to save it and carefully bring the system up to code without triggering a high cost of the installation or any additional expense guarantee. Also, if its time to replace that old system that continuously keep triggering false alarms Linkage Fire will successfully propose a smooth transition without harming any existing building operations and still comply with latest code compliant regulations. At Linkage Fire and Security some clients come to us with an existing fire alarm system and we have achieved legalize their fire alarm systems without FDNY letter of approval we have provided the right tools with experience and guidance from authority’s based on FDNY and DOB building bulletins along with deep understanding of the fire alarm regulations. After this is done, we continue maintaining their existing system extending the system life and maintaining a secure building or tenant space.

New Building Fire Alarm Systems

New Building Construction and changes in any use and occupancy group classifications will always have the advantage of falling in the new code even though the initial investment may be higher there will be some extra building protection integration features and more fire safety control allowing to have an increased level of life safety for the building occupants allowing emergency responders to perform emergency evacuation and fire attack techniques. Regardless if the building is new or existing the right fire protection system must be determined to install at the lowest cost. At Linkage Fire we will determine the approved listed devices, equipment and systems used to detect fire , activate an alarm, extinguish or control and combination of smoke and fire products. In case of any buildings with an occupied floor located more than 75 feet above the lowest level of fire department vehicle access for commercial buildings and 125 feet for R-2 occupancy a High-Rise Building shall be provided with an automatic smoke detection system, a fire department communication system and an emergency voice/alarm communication system as per code. Depending on the building there are some exceptions please contact us in order to determine the right system for your building group classification.


Linkage Fire is associated with Expediting Experts that will not have any delay processing PW-1 paperwork at Building Department, Delivering TM1 Forms to obtain Fire Alarm permits and requesting B-45 Forms for FDNY inspections especially with New York City Fire Department Technology Management and the Fire Alarm Inspection Unit.