Fire Alarm Installation

Once any of our clients have or come to us with a set of approved Drawings by the Authority having Jurisdiction, we are ready to have our team of project managers, Electricians, and S-98 certified technicians to start providing submittals, shop drawings in order to comply with the designed criteria and get the Job done at once. The time of the installation means the time to show up the aggregated value of our company which gets transduced into good installation practice based on NFPA 70, NFPA72 and every local reference code or ordinance all over the area we service. The quality of the installation is reflected in the noninvasive construction and esthetic and in long term reflects a system not constantly going in trouble.

Job Completed means a functional fire alarm system as per the approved matrix of operations. Programming, troubleshooting, and pre-testing is performed by trained personnel that have a good understanding of the code as per NFPA 72 requirements. This will reflect the day of inspection.
Prior to requesting a final alarm inspection/test, the Linkage Fire provide a written Record of Completion report along to the proper paperwork, software and user training. For inspections As-Built and other documents like A-433 form are provided to Fire Alarm Inspection Unit stating the system has been installed in accordance with the approved plans and all devices tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, listings, and the respective standards.

How soon can I expect my Inspection? Regular Inspections/Reinspections. Current waiting time does not exceed 4-5 weeks and depends upon availability of the inspectors.

Overtime Inspections. Current waiting time is about 2 weeks. Overtime inspections, available for an additional fee, may be requested and will be filled as inspectors are available. Emergency Inspections. You may request an emergency appointment; however, such services are very limited, if possible, at all, because of the high number of inspections performed each day. Justification for such service is required.

Linkage fire offer discounted prices on monitoring and inspections for a new installation. Please contact us for more information.