Fire Alarm Monitoring and Inspections

Monitoring fire alarm systems is a serious matter. Signals must always be sent to UL listed central station which then must report to the fire department. When it comes to this process Linkage fire and Security provide the latest communication equipment nowadays that copper lines no longer exist in the market, and phone lines are no longer a reliable service in some areas especially during storms and accidents. the time has arrived for the on-going dismantling of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), which was once the most reliable means of alarm signal communication ever.

We offer Cellular/IP communicators that do not rely on traditional phone lines and will prevent a failure to report during an emergency. This approved fire alarm equipment is less expensive, can be remotely supervised and service and will have a faster response to the central station and in consequence fire department will be able to respond faster in case of an emergency where time is a very valuable fact.

In terms of an existing equipment unless its unnecessary replacement (which may trigger permitting process) after a free evaluation we will keep the existing system communication setup exactly as it is and provide the best monitoring service in the state our job is to have proper communication and accurate response at the attended location in case of any emergency event.


Annually, Semiannual and Quarterly visual and functional test inspections are required in order to maintain a false alarm free building. This matter is imperative for the life safety of the protected space and to avoid Fines, violations and/or summons where in some county’s results in undesired building operations shut down. Authorities are constantly are always enforcing the proper maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems.

At Linkage Fire and Security, we provide with code compliance inspections based on each specific device taking in consideration all aspects from physical conditions to functional and sensitivity test for initialing devices like smoke detectors, heat detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

You will be able to count with certified inspectors that will know how to catch up with building interconnections with other fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishing and any other equipment that integrated into the fire alarm system and not cause any interruption in the building or space operations.

Our schedule is flexible since we are 24/7 service company so we will be able to perform inspections at your convenience time with accurate schedule coordination.