Burglar control panels are engineered to seamlessly integrate with an extensive range of keypads, transmitters, sensors, communicators and other components like fire systems in small applications. This gives the flexibility to create customized solutions at every stage of any customer needs. All our systems and devices are user-friendly design for universal users.

There is no need to install multiple systems where we can intrusion, fire, access control, and video surveillance along with GSM cellular/IP communications in a flexible upgradable system.
Our systems can expand any hardwired system already existing and expand or upgrade to wireless devices not having to do any unnecessary patching and paint after installation.

Our systems and Monitoring services can provide you with:
Troubleshoot on the go where no technicians are needed on site for a basic fix.
We can remotely program our system in case of a change of your needs or enable services.
All access at your fingertip from any Computer Tablet or Smartphone