Video Surveillance

Today’s available technology exclusively on IP cameras, High definition (HD) surveillance is now recognized as the preferred choice for professional security camera systems, delivering unmatched image quality with superb detail. Upgrading from an analog CCTV camera system to 720p or 1080p HD is easy and affordable

Why IP HD Video is Important?

Ultra-sharp images with forensic detail make it possible to identify a person or a license plate within an image. Unlike CCTV systems, HD video captures exceptionally clear video with high evidentiary value.

IT Departments and new building integrators are constantly in the research of the installation and management if video surveillance systems that allows proper handing of data with the minimum impact of their Network bandwidth.

3 important Challenges for a good Surveillance system that we take into consideration

  • Impact on Network Bandwidth
  • Difficulty of managing the growing volume of data.
  • Search and retrieval of archive footage

If you are not familiar with video surveillance systems, please note that we will design each system accordingly to your needs by combining the following components.

  • IP Surveillance cameras
  • Video management software (VMS)
  • A server of network video recorder (NVR)
  • Networking equipment like PoE switches and wireless antennas
  • Long-term storage capacity

The best video surveillance is the one customized and designed for your security needs. Our designed system will be always future proof for any eventual growth of any building operation or simply renewal of the security features.